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What are the advantages of high-flow filters?

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The large flow filter is a machine that can remove various solid particle pollutants in the fluid, extend the service life of the components, and improve the stability of the system. The distinguishing feature of this series of filters is that they have automatic sealing devices. When replacing the filter element, only need to rotate 90 when loosening the flange, which can meet the self-sealing requirements to prevent liquid overflow and facilitate the replacement of the filter element.

The large-flow filter is developed for large-diameter and large-flow pipes. Its filter element is made of stainless steel pleated filter element, which has many advantages compared with competitors'' ordinary flush basket filter element and rod-type pleated filter element. The combination of large flow and small pressure difference with the straight-through structure greatly reduces the overall size and weight. When the filter is out of use, only one person is required to clean and maintain it.

The fiber structure of the large flow filter is loose, and the high porosity increases the tolerance of impurities. It has a deep three-dimensional filtering effect and is a composite deep trap, that is, larger particles of impurities are trapped on the surface of the fiber, and fine particles are trapped in the deep layer of the filter material, so the filter efficiency of the filter element has a gradient effect.

The performance characteristics of the large-flow filter: the cartridge filter is small in size, compact in structure, and strong in contamination. High precision, can better remove suspended solids and particles in water. Use high-quality SUS304/316L material.

Can install 25-100 filter elements, the opening adopts flange connection (quick opening), the operation is convenient and simple. Each filter element has an independent stainless steel fixing device and sealing device, which not only facilitates the insertion of the filter element, but also. Large flow filters are used in industrial fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment, etc.

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